Oak Harbor, Washington

We built a stunning 20-foot pitless waterfall for a client who had previously enjoyed one at their old home. They were so fond of the first waterfall that they prioritized having a new water feature incorporated into their latest house build. Knowing landscaping projects can sometimes fall by the wayside during construction, they made sure to get this feature started early.

The tank and top for the waterfall were already in place. Our team focused on the plumbing, lining the feature, and strategically placing boulders. The following day, we returned to complete the final touches.

The next morning, we began by lining the waterfall with felt and rubber. The prior day had seen the tank installed, the hose leading to the top buried, and the waterfall starter readied. With the lining complete, the project was well on its way.

After ensuring everything was clean and washed down, we filled the tank. The final step involved capturing video footage of the waterfall cascading down, illuminated by the lights. If you ever find yourself yearning for a pitless waterfall, be sure to give us a call. And for those interested in becoming a certified installer, don’t hesitate to contact us – we’d be delighted to welcome you to the team!

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Pitless Waterfall Info Request

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Hey Contractors

As a contractor, the Pitless Waterfall system is going to make installing that next waterfall feature much easier than other pondless waterfall systems. The tank is a complete unit that includes pump, liner brackets, silcone glue, return line connectors, and debris baskets for easy maintenance of leaves and yard waste. 





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