Sedro-Woolley, Washington

This double Pitless Waterfall feature was an old pond tear out.

Project Details

Butch Tennyson and the Pitless team first cleaned out the old pond and worked to get rid of all the muck from the pond. Then they removed all the rock from the old pond. Next the old liners were torn out and the old pond area was filled with gravel to prepare it for a Pitless system. Lastly, to finish getting rid of the pond topsoil was added and the ground was contoured for the new stream.

Once the old pond was torn out, they added new liners and installed the Pitless system. This whole process, including building the Pitless waterfall took 2 days after the old pond was torn out.

Waterfall Details

This waterfall is located in Sedro-Woolley, Washington. On the left is a cascading stream, 12 feet in length and 24 inches in width. On the right is an additional cascading stream into a different pitless tank, 18 feet in length and 24 inches in width. The 12 foot stream is a 2-tier stream, whereas the 18 foot stream is a 3-tier stream. The 12 foot stream is a straight waterfall with large drop-offs. The 18 foot stream has a little bit of left curve into the Pitless tank. There are large boulders line the top, sides, and bottom of both streams with long-lasting LED lighting kits for full effect during evening hours.

What makes this project unique is the greenery and tree branches incorporated into the beauty of the waterfall. The Pitless system amplified the yards beauty with sights and sounds of a natural creek. 


Project Photos

Pitless Waterfall Info Request

Pitless Waterfall Info Request

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Hey Contractors

As a contractor, the Pitless Waterfall system is going to make installing that next waterfall feature much easier than other pondless waterfall systems. The tank is a complete unit that includes pump, liner brackets, silcone glue, return line connectors, and debris baskets for easy maintenance of leaves and yard waste. 





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